Opening and Adjusting the Chat

chat iconOur Chat can be opened everywhere on the website through the Happy Puzzle-Piece icon - it's gray and located in the lower right corner of your browser window. You must register a username and password to use the Chat.

chat user windowThe Chat now opens directly into the LOBBY chatroom. This is the chatroom Wayne reads during the live webcast.

Clicking the GEAR on the upper left of the Chatroom Window allows you to change the text size and color, and to use EMOJI - smiley faces. Clicking the GEAR on the User Window allows you to change your profile, adding a photo, etc. The User Window also allows you to open additional rooms and move from one room to another.

Mobile Devices

Chat is not available on mobile devices, with a few exceptions. Tablets with the Android browser and some iPad users are able to use it. Some Android phones can connect with their browser in desktop mode, but surfing to any other page takes it out of desktop mode. iPhones cannot connect at this time.


Our bookstore, membership and newsletter are not connected to our Chat - so you'll need to create an account if you haven't used the Chat before.

If you can't logon from your desktop, please let us know. Contact the Please include a description of your computer and browser.