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Because of the variety of devices people use to view the Webcast, we've provided two ways to open it. You can experiment to see which works best for you. The smallest version is the embedded one on the home page. It's the same as the DEFAULT mode. There is also a THEATER mode, and the largest is FULL SCREEN mode. Full screen viewing does not allow simultaneous use of the Chat. You can also adjust the image resolution, as described below.

What equipment do I need?

You'll need a download speed of at least 1Mbps for the Webcast to play smoothly. You can test your own set-up with a free bandwidth test site such as BandwidthPlace. Although most cable or DSL services exceed the needed bandwidth, dial-up does not.

I get too many drop-offs or too much buffering!

Try shutting down all other applications, and browser tabs or windows. Drop-offs and buffering are most common with full screen viewing. Besides trying a smaller view, you can also try lower resolution. You'll find this in the SETTINGS menu (It's the cogwheel icon in YouTube's PROGRESS BAR. Hover over the video with your mouse to make it appear.)


Where's the SETTINGS menu?

You might turn off ANNOTATIONS, since we don't use them. QUALITY displays the resolution and offers several choices. You're going to experiment to find the highest resolution image that results in an acceptable level of buffering.

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Mobile device support

The Webcast is viewable on mobile devices. It's easiest to start from our website, but you can also navigate to Wayne's YouTube Channel.

Our newer Archived Webcasts are in MPEG4 format, and viewable on either Android devices or iOS devices.


The Chat is always open, 24 hours a day. Most users access it easily. It opens from any page on our site - use the gray puzzle-piece icon located in the lower right corner of your browser window, usually outside the boundary of the site.

The Chat won't work on Macs with OS-9 or earlier. We're told Mac performance is best with OS-10.4.7 or newer. It works well with the Firefox, IE, and Safari browsers. It works with most pad devices but not with mobile phones.

If you need help, you can . Please say whether your computer is PC or Mac, which version of the operating system you have, and what browser you use.


The Chat records transcripts which we use to provide a good chat experience. They are not published in any way or shared with anyone.

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