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march 30, 2017

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Hello my loves,

Relationships fascinate us. The complexity of human relationships is the stuff of art, music, conversation and supermarket tabloids. Love relationships, political relationships, sexual relationships, family relationships, social relationships, work relationships... It's a long list.

More fundamentaly, all experience is based on relationship. And if you look deeply into it you may see that relationship is dependent on separation. We must have a sense of separation from that we are relating to in order for there to be a space across which we can relate. To smell the flower I must be in some way other than the flower. The separation need not be physical, after all I can relate to myself as well as relate to you, but this quality of separation is the basic duality upon which experience is built.

The exquisite paradox is that the separation upon which the entire manifest universe depends is an illusion! There is no separation. On this the physicist and the mystic agree. Everything is connected. We and everything else are all part of a seamless whole!

Profound Knowledge of this is available only through what we may call "the heart." The open heart dissolves the distance between me and you. It is a knowing that can never be reached by the mind. Yet it is everywhere. It is in the lovers embrace. It is in the depths of the infant's gaze. It is in the scream in the night. It is in the whisper of the forest silence. It is in the stillness of the moment of death. It is the grace of the Guru.

May it find you now!

With love,


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come celebrate 100 years of ramesh

Dear Friends,

You are invited to join us on Thursday, 25th May 2017, to celebrate the Centenary of our beloved master Shri Ramesh Balsekar (1917-2017).

We shall be gathering over a day of festivity, starting with a leisurely lunch and then moving on to some soulful music. This will be followed by the dedication of some new books to his memory. We shall then break for tea, and the evening will be rounded off with the rendering of Abhangas. This is a tentative outline of what is planned, just to give you an idea of what is lined up for the day.

The Venue:

Royal Bombay Yacht Club
Opposite Gateway of India
South Mumbai


12 pm - 7 pm

You are being informed of this event well in advance so you could make the required travel and stay arrangements. Do spread the good word among our friends and guru bandhus you may be in touch with. Let us all gather together as a tribute to, and in remembrance of, our dear Guru.


Please confirm your attendance so we can make make the necessary arrangements for seating, food and refreshments at the Club.

Yogesh B. Sharma | | +91 98200 95462




HELLO MY LOVES - 10 Years of writings to seekers of Truth





In these letters written between 2004 and 2013 by Wayne Liquorman, we gain a rare glimpse into the heart and mind of a modern Advaita sage. They document his travels, his relationship with Ramesh Balsekar, his reactions to current events, and answers to questions from spiritual seekers. Together they form an affecting journal of births and deaths, of Wayne’s family and of the larger family of seekers that has gathered around him, as well as the development of his own unique Living Teaching of Advaita.

Softcover, 204 pages


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HOLA QUERIDOS MÍOS -- Wayne Liquorman


Estas cartas escritas por Wayne Liquorman entre 2004 y 2013 nos brindan la extraordinaria oportunidad de vislumbrar el interior del corazón y de la mente de un sabio Advaita contemporáneo. Documentan sus viajes, su relación con Ramesh Balsekar, sus reacciones a acontecimientos de
actualidad y sus respuestas a las preguntas de buscadores espirituales. Esta recopilación
constituye un conmovedor diario de nacimientos y muertes, tanto de la familia de Wayne como de la familia extendida que constituyen los buscadores que se han aproximado a él. De igual manera, nos permite seguir la trayectoria de su propia y única Enseñanza Viva de Advaita.

Para ordenar

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final talk

The Guru and The Teaching - A Talk w/ Wayne Liquorman-CD

Recorded in Hermosa Beach, California - December 6, 2014

A free flowing and animated look at the Living Teaching and the role of the Guru in pointing to the Truth. Wayne at his liveliest!

Running time: 67 minutes

Order asMP3 (AUDIO download)
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final talk

LIVING IS HERE - Wayne Liquorman -
English w/ French Translation

A Talk With Wayne Liquorman
Recorded in Paris, France - February 21, 2014
English w/ French Translation

Beyond philosophy lies the simple truth of our own existence. It is experiential, alive, profound. Wayne Liquorman points to the simplicity that is always here, now and urges us to look deeply and SEE!

Running Time: 78 minutes

Order as a MP3 (Audio Download) $10

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final talk

A Week Long Retreat with Wayne Liquorman
Maui January 2014 - MP3 Download

This audio recording captures the intensity and raw beauty of a week-long retreat with Wayne. Through the laughter and tears the Teaching is made manifest. Questions of all kinds were asked and answered. Profound personal experiences were shared. All in all it was a week to cherish.

Approximate running time: 10 hours

Order as a MP3 (Audio Download) $39

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final talk

Suffering and The False Sense of Authorship - A Talk with Wayne Liquorman

English w/ Spanish Translation

Recorded in Granada, Spain October 5-6, 2013

The link between the False Sense of Authorship (ego) and human suffering is but one of the many topics explored here in depth. Wayne forcefully and compassionately shows us the way to a deeper seeing.

Total running time: 4 hours 43 minutes

Order as a MP3 (Audio Download) $19

final talk


The Way of Powerlessness by Wayne Liquorman, brings together the Living Teaching of Advaita and the 12 Steps of Recovery.

Central to both disciplines is the recognition of our complete personal powerlessness.

When we recognize personal powerlessness in our own actions, the twin burdens of pride and guilt vanish. When we recognize powerlessness in the actions of others, we are freed from the poisoning effects of resentment and hatred. Relieved of pride, guilt, resentment and hatred we live comfortably with life as it comes, in true humility and peace.

The Way of Powerlessness reveals that recognizing our personal powerlessness is the unguarded secret to harmonious living and ultimate Freedom.

Order HERE Softcover - $9.95

Order HERE Hardcover - $19.95

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Many of our titles have been converted to Amazon Kindle, Barnes & Noble Nook and iBooks formats.

Recently added:

Hello My Loves - by Wayne Liquorman

The Way Of Powerlessness - Advaita and the 12 Steps of Recovery - by Wayne Liquorman

Thorns For A Seeker - by Bala

Never Mind - by Wayne Liquorman


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The Way Of Powerlessness -
now an audio book

Now available through and the iTunes store.

The Way Of Powerlessness
By Wayne Liquorman
Narrated By Lee Eric Smith
Length: 3 hrs and 29 mins


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(never before published)


What precisely is meant by silence? Metaphysically, silence does not mean the complementary opposite of noise, although, of course, the negation of noise as an aid to thought can never be questioned. But what silence means metaphysically is absence of thought, the very absence of mentation or cerebration. Such silence is that interval between thoughts (or between the inhalation and the exhalation) that is imperceptible to the split-mind of subject and object as being of infinitesimal duration, but which is the reality of infinite duration because it is the intemporal whole-mind: the “Witness” of Vedanta, the “Buddha-mind” of Chian, the “Father” of Christianity. Indeed, it is the permanent background - the consciousness - against which time is experienced as duration.

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Why am I compelled

to be in your presence

where nothing happens

except my heart

burns to shreds

like a rocket

hurtling through space

where silence

comes then

and a peaceful heart

ticks unnoticed