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may 31, 2017

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Hello my loves,

I received a letter from a Catholic nun in Spain who had a profound unitive insight and was now uncertain how to live in the world with her fellow nuns. My reply to her is below.

Dearest C,

I was impressed with the sincerity of you letter and I think Google did a pretty good job of translation. I am familiar with your difficulty and you may be surprised to learn that it is not an unusual problem. Spiritual societies are not really so different from other communities and the problem of fitting in to them once there is a spiritual awakening is a common one.

The awakening you had becomes problematic only after it is subsequently processed by the mind and then claimed by the "ego" (what I call the False Sense of Authorship). Often, the more books you have read and the deeper your intellectual understanding the bigger the difficulty becomes. Because ultimately the Truth can never be reconciled with any teaching, code of behavior, social structure, religion or philosophy. It is simply too big to fit into such small packages.

Ramesh often spoke about "secondary involvement" in relation to the concept of non-doership. Simply put, it isn't "doing" or "action" that brings suffering but rather a sense that the ego was responsible for the doing that brings suffering. It is the sense that I authored the doing rather than the doing itself which creates difficulties.

Doing happens, actions happen. As long as there is breath in your body you will act in accordance with the Cosmic Law Ramesh so poetically pointed to.

Even after you awaken to the truth that the earth revolves to obscure and reveal the sun rather than it being the way our senses tell us it is, namely that the sun circles the earth once each day, you can still admire a sunset and use the word sunrise. So to it is possible to speak and act like a "normal" person even after a transformative spiritual experience.

The world of appearance is the Word become flesh. Knowledge and ignorance are manifestations of the same Source. To look at the finite and know it as Infinite is the Ultimate Understanding.

May it find you now.

With much love,


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Para ordenar

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(never before published)


Nisargadatta Maharej was an occurrence in the functioning of the Totality. Those who were drawn to him - some by their own apparent volition, others through the force of circumstance, beyond their control - were part of the happening that was Nisargadatta Maharej. The extent to which each apparent individual benefits from his association with Maharej, being a part of the process of evolution, depended upon the extent to which the ground had been prepared to receive such benefit. The understanding or apperception of what-is (the nature of things) being noumenal, must necessarily be spontaneous and sudden, while the effect of it, if any, on the individual mechanism, being of the dimension of space-time, would be not necessarily sudden but gradual over a period of time, depending upon the dharma of each psychosomatic apparatus.



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The reason I want to make contact is to simply tell you how much your teaching is clicking in for me. I have known about you for 3 years. When I first saw a DVD or read your words it very much resonated with how I have perceived things since I first started thinking about these things in the 70’s. I came to see you in NYC last spring and was not disappointed with your strong presence. Both my husband and I received your words with great joy. But it is in the last few months I have been reading your books in such a way that every word and every sentence screams out to me… and I miss no words (which is very opposite to how I usually read) I am wanting to hear more and more…it is the only thing I want to read and think about for now...The best surprise is that I am starting to relax into myself, knowing...well...that I am who I am. The fact that I am not running the show offers me conceptual relief, but it is forgotten every half second….