Words from the heart

With you

I feel as if I have a Lover

invisibly and mysteriously wrapped

in the dewy embrace

of my own Lover's heart

All along

this Love has slept gently

in a cushioned cradle

waiting for a gust

to break the bough

Now the perfume of Love

rocks my senses

leaves me turned upside down

with my feet on the sky


A letter to Wayne

It's always a great blessing to spend time in your presence, to receive the generous flow of your love and acceptance. But I'm very happy too that this time there's also a feeling of looking forward to go home and continue my painting and enjoying the glow of these great days in my everyday life, including the increase of freedom that I feel inside me.

I wish you a pleasant journey back home. I love you and send my love along with you.


A letter to Wayne

Oh Boy!
I’m IT, rejoicing
Oh Gee, it’s true;
thy voice sings
Come Be, loving -
My word is a mass -
My ass
Sits on Holy Ground.


A letter to Wayne

The reason I want to make contact is to simply tell you how much your teaching is clicking in for me. I have known about you for 3 years. When I first saw a DVD or read your words it very much resonated with how I have perceived things since I first started thinking about these things in the 70’s. I came to see you in NYC last spring and was not disappointed with your strong presence. Both my husband and I received your words with great joy. But it is in the last few months I have been reading your books in such a way that every word and every sentence screams out to me… and I miss no words (which is very opposite to how I usually read) I am wanting to hear more and more…it is the only thing I want to read and think about for now...The best surprise is that I am starting to relax into myself, knowing... well... that I am who I am. The fact that I am not running the show offers me conceptual relief, but it is forgotten every half second...


Words from the heart

Isn't it remarkable

how this love is kindled

one moment

the heart touched

so irretrievably

Isn't it remarkable

there is no one doing this

no form from which it is given

or one receiving it

Isn't it remarkable

how this love

feels so endless

like God talking non stop

to God


Words from the heart

Why am I compelled

to be in your presence

where nothing happens

except my heart

burns to shreds

like a rocket

hurtling through space

where silence

comes then

and a peaceful heart

ticks unnoticed




A letter to Wayne

I always feel good when I can give you some money.

Yesterday morning I've tried to clean a shadow on the kitchen floor away.

I think I missed the point.

With love,


Words from the heart

I am ravenous

but not for the meat

I am starving

but not for the words you feed me

or the look you give me

or even for the silence

around you

I am hungry for something

I cannot even know

and I feel helpless

and I am terribly grateful

for the grace I feel

in your presence


A letter to Wayne

We have 7 inmates here who are studying the nonduality teachings (this is a small prison). Personally, I have found Ramesh's books to be very descriptive, very condensed and to the point - and perfectly accurate from the standpoint of Pure Advaita. We are using the book "Consciousness Speaks" to promote the spirit of self-enquiry. We are going through the book one question at a time. The subject matter does indeed provoke a lot more questions of the same nature.

We all certainly appreciate your goodwill in sending us these books, myself particularly! Advaita is a true ray of light in this dark place.

In gratitude,


A letter to Wayne

I have always believed you and what you are saying. In yesterday's seminar you once again said that everything simply happens, and your words suddenly were no longer just a belief, it became obvious.

There were a lot of emotions and I could not tell you that then. Now that clear seeing has grown dull again, but deep inside I know it is so!

Let's see what happens. Thank you

A letter to Wayne

You are always present in my mind and in my heart.
I wish I was an artist. Just to be able to express my love for you.
I only find silence and more silence and something very beautiful in my heart.
I cry in gratitude.
Maybe this is my way.


A letter to Wayne

Dearest Wayne,

I kind of get just how rare it is to actually meet "The Teacher" and it is often overwhelming. It is almost too much to fit into a tiny body mind. So it filters in through moments and fragments.

The pleasure of one of them is the sense (perhaps not true but deeply experienced) that you "get" this love and understanding. Out of the world, in the moments when I have no idea how it is that I am or how anything is as it is – your presence is seen.

It is both constant and momentary. I do feel lucky, even whilst bitchin and moaning!

With love as always and with thanks,


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